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Our History

In 1996,YDJ Light was founded and has boomed as a high-quality, professional compact fluorescent lamps manufacturer. Being the first introducing electro vacuum technology, YDJ has successfully achieved consistence of long life and quality.

In 2000, YDJ’ s patented Full Spiral Compact Fluorescent Lamp was launched and has highly obtained worldwide reputation as well as been accepted by global lighting brands for its advantages of being the smallest, brightest, high efficiency and long life.

In 2013, YDJ developed LED product based on 20-year experience in general lighting design & manufacture and years of deeply continuous research in LED technology. YDJ is dedicated to cost-oriented LED product, offering best cost for the most suitable general lighting replacement from design, supply chain and manufacture.

In 2015,YDJ stepped into LED retrofit light design. Very smart & innovative design has realized easy replacement and installation without changing original fixture.

In 2016,YDJ Light expands product portfolio to LED fixture product and offer whole package of LED product with lighting source and fixture.

Our Product

All YDJ products are designed based on scientific lifetime & lumen maintenance evaluation system and manufactured with high-efficiency automatic production line. YDJ products are conformed to international and major regional product standard like CE, ErP, UL, Energy Star, etc.

Our Business

YDJ Light has engaged in industry for near 20 years with its unique and innovative vision and idea on lighting product.

YDJ focuses on specialized lighting product and creates its typical advantages.

YDJ’s high-efficiency & innovative team can quickly assess your market demand and offer proper product solution in shortest time.